Friday, June 27, 2008

Doodlebug Design Art Blog

I've started a new blog to showcase some of my artwork. It was so much easier to create a separate page rather than tagging it onto this one. Please check it out! I'm calling my work Doodlebug Designs - inspired my Doodlebug, of course.

I am going to place the link on this page so you can go directly there. But I will still give you the address -

Love You!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Doodle McNoodle and Stinky Dinky Doo

I was happy to name my child Mary Ellen because I couldn't come up with a nickname derived from her birth name. You can't shorten Mary and you can't shorten Ellen. You could combine them and call her Mellen! But the other day when my mom was visiting, I gasped, "Oh no!"

"What?" my mom asked.

"What if the kids call her Smellin' Ellen?"

My mom laughed, rolled her eyes and said, "Only you would come up with that."

She's probably right. I come up with all sorts of weird thoughts, and like being called Smellin' Ellen is the worst thing that could happen to her. Maybe it may even keep the boys away for awhile, until she's like 30. I'm cool with her being mocked if it means that. Hey, maybe I should start the name - maybe whisper it in some kids ear on the playground when picking her up from school. "Hey kid, see that girl? She likes it when you call her Smellin Ellen. Yeah, that's right. Smellin Ellen. Spread it around - tell all your friends."

I'm so wrong.

I think we have been giving Mary Ellen enough nicknames in the past 6 months. I realized that she has about 25 nicknames - no joke. I've heard many, from myself and others. I thought I would share this long list of nicknames for the child who I said I would not nickname.

Here it goes:

Doodle Head
Doodle McNoodle
Stinky Dinky Doo - see, Smellin Ellen already started
Puddin' Head
Puddin' Cup
Puddin' Pop
Butter Butt - I don't know where this one came from, but I've said it.
Baby Girl
Sweet Angel
Cutie Patootie
Yes Indeedie, You're My Sweetie
Blue Eyes
Scoot Boot
Pumpkin Head
Dear heart
Silly Girl
Hey You
Goof Nugget
Little Girl - the one Brannon uses the most. He always says, "Hey my little girl!"

I call her Doodlebug, Doodle McNoodle, and Scoot Boot the most - and sometimes Toot, especially when she's being one.

Ha. I found this funny.

Love You!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tell All About It!

I finally had my surgery on Monday, June 9. Everything is going superb. In fact, Everyone - including me- is really surprised as to how well I am recooperating. This was supposed to be a really painful and difficult recovery. I was told I would be in bed for a week and unable to do much until I completely heal.

Here's the thing. While I was being wheeled into the operating room, I asked the Lord to take away my pain. I told him I was not ready to endure a long recovery and I prayed that he would deliver me from the post-surgery blues.

He answered and He granted me a miracle. I have had little to no real serious pain. I mean, I was up out of the bed the day of my surgery, eating regular meals. I even stopped taking my heavy-duty pain meds because I just don't feel like I need them. However, I'm a little sore and only four days into recovery, but I feel remarkably well considering.

I wanted to post this quick update because I remember someone once telling me that miracles and answered prays are to be shared. That's the whole point of them. We are to go and tell everyone all about it.

So praise Jesus! He listens and He loves!

Take care!


I wonder what they are deep in thought about!

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
Mary Ellen wore this dress for Baby Dedication. She also wore this the day she came home from the hospital.