Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off To School We Go

My baby will be starting a mother's morning out program this fall. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I am so proud that she is now a big girl and will be around other children to learn some much needed social skills. On the other hand, I'm nervous about the little things, like mean toddlers who bite or rip toys out of Mary Ellen's hands. Even worse, it could be MY child who bites and steals from other cute, innocent babies! Oh I haven't even thought of that before! I don't even want to think about all those nasty germs. Mary Ellen has been sick very few times and I credit most of that to the fact that she was cared for by her grandmother. I always hear that your child stays sick for the first 6 months of daycare. My poor baby.

I know she will be fine. I really like the place where we are sending her. In fact, I used to work there and know the staff and the inner workings of the place. Being in the "know" smooths things over for me. lol. NO really, my nervousness is just my unwillingness to let go of the ropes a little - to let someone else have some control. Come to think of it, this may be harder for me than for Mary Ellen. And I know she will be getting a good start to her education (she will follow a curriculum and go to chapel twice a week, tee-hee).

Keep a lookout for a future posting of our first day, which is August 10th. There will be plenty of pictures taken on that day! Although those pictures may be of me and her crying.

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Denise said...

She is going to love it. MSN does.


I wonder what they are deep in thought about!

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
Mary Ellen wore this dress for Baby Dedication. She also wore this the day she came home from the hospital.