Sunday, October 4, 2009

Okay OKay, I'll Blog Already

I know, I know. I have not blogged in weeks, okay months, but I have had a good excuse. You all know that I am pregnant with our second baby and just like my first pregnancy I have been a tad under the weather. Pregnancy and I do not mix well in the first 20 weeks. But I am feeling MUCH better and am looking forward to updating my blog - routinely.

Many weeks have passed that I don't even know what to blog about, so I'll give some brief updates and be a little more entertaining the next go around. Here's what has been happening in the Cook household these past several weeks (okay months):

1. Mary Ellen has adjusted to school fairly well, but rarely makes it a full week without catching a cold or a fever or whatever else is floating around.
2. I have so far survived school and even completed a full course during the whole 10 weeks of my sickness. I don't remember the course, but I apparently I passed!
3. I have not yet caught the swine flu and I work with many, many young snot-nosed munchkins - who I love, as long as they don't give me the swine flu.
4. My little sister, Molly, was married recently and we survived the road trip to Georgia with plenty of Barbie and Thomas the Choo Choo Train movies and snacks.
5. Brannon has taken over as our Sunday school teacher and I couldn't be more proud of him for stepping up to the plate. Love you babe.
6. I'm finally able to sing in choir again and didn't realize how much I missed it these passed 10 weeks.
7. I am getting fat much faster than I did with my first pregnancy. Fabulous!
8. I want to sleep ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

Take care all. I am feeling better and promise to update regularly now. Hugs and Kisses!


Denise said...

Ahhhhhhh finally!!!!!!

Moz said...

Oh yea to Brannon! I remember the pastor really stressing the need for it the last time that I visited. That's awesome, Annie! I love you and can't wait to see you. :)


I wonder what they are deep in thought about!

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
Mary Ellen wore this dress for Baby Dedication. She also wore this the day she came home from the hospital.