Friday, May 14, 2010

Lions and Tigers and...Choo Choos?

Since the arrival of Edee 9 weeks ago, Mary Ellen has been orphaned. No, she is still 100 percent ours, it just feels that with all the feedings, the burpings, the rockings and diaper changings, poor Mary Ellen hasn't had enough Mommy and Daddy time. Slap a gruelling Southern Nuclear outage on top of that for Brannon (he was gone from 5:00 - 7:00 everyday) and Mommy and Mary Ellen were ready to head to the looney bin. I'm being dramatic, of course. We had plenty of help from his parents (THANK YOU)!!!!! But with all the newness and excitement of Edee Ann, Brannon and I knew we needed to spend some special time with big sister.

This past weekend we went to visit my mother in Eatonton, Ga., and took the whole gang with us. Travelling with two youngins' is But we made it safely and with all of our hair in tact, so life is good. We had a really great time. Brannon and I took Mary Ellen to Zoo Atlanta while Mommom kept baby Edee for the day. Mary Ellen had a great day with Mommy and Daddy. We got to see all the animals, except for the elephants - they just wouldn't come outside. Too hot I guess. We ate lunch at the zoo, which for Mary Ellen consisted of french fries and a bag of potatoe chips. But hey, it was her day so who cares! Plus, I couldn't talk. I ate french fries and deep fried chicken fingers.

Mary Ellen's favorites were the giraffes and the choo choo train ride at the zoo. You could hear the whistle of the train when parking your car at the admission gates. Mary Ellen didn't let us forget about that train the WHOLE day. lol. I never met a little girl more into trains than she. Trains and "Giddy-Up-Horses." And Princess curls. That's what she calls her hair when I curl it on Sunday mornings for church. She also thinks every women with curls in her hair is a princess. :)

"Boppy," (she can't pronounce her M's, so she calls me Boppy), "Pwincess curls in hair, Boppy, okay, okay."

Things have finally been settling down at our house with the arrival of Edee, who is just precious, so I know we will have plenty of more moments with Mary Ellen. Besides being more vocal with her temper tantrums, Mary Ellen is finally adjusting to life with a little sister. We still have many jealousy fits, but they have gone down considerably.

Until next time, we love you and go to the nearest zoo. It still just as fun as when you were a kid.


Denise said...

how fun...mary ellen is getting so big. her legs are a mile long already geez.

Lindsey said...

The girls are precious!

And Denise, she is obviously gonna be tall like her daddy! Although, you're not short either Ann Marie.


I wonder what they are deep in thought about!

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
Mary Ellen wore this dress for Baby Dedication. She also wore this the day she came home from the hospital.