Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best Life

I love it when God's word smacks me upside the head during church - or any time for that matter. Bro. Van Sunday built his message on Colossians 3:1: "Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set you hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God."

When we are "raised" up with Christ, we put on a new self and do away with our earthly desires. How can we say Christ lives within us, yet continue to live as if He is just our neighbor, checking in on us every once in awhile? We can't. At least not if we want Him to shape us into what we should be, what He calls us to be. When we are raised up in Christ, we not only accept Him as our Savior, but we accept Him as our Lord. This means we must submit to His lordship. This means we must live in a way that is pleasing to Him - in a way that allows us to be the best we can be. This means we live this way all the time, not just sometimes. As Bro. Van said Sunday, God is not an insurance salesman. It's not His intention for you to just call on Him when you're in desperate need. He's not just there to put out your fires, to deal with your not-so-good moments. No. He wants ALL of your moments.

This message hit home because I all too often catch myself spending just a little more time in His word and in prayer when I'm in need. Don't hear me wrong. He is there and always will be. But where is my desire and obedience when I am thankful? When life is good? When life is complacent, calm? It's like saying, "Yea, I know you're there Lord, but I'm good right now. I kinda don't need ya at the moment becasue I got it all under wraps. I'll check in with ya later when the road gets a little bumpy. Okay?"

How would you feel if your child responded to you like that? Your spouse? Your best friend? I sure wouldn't like it, so why should He? And I get it! He just wants me to be the best me I can be, and He knows I can't do that without Him. There is no "best" without Him. That word doesn't exist in my life if He doesn't exist in my life.

I share this reflection with you because why keep an "aha" moment to myself? I sure wouldn't aprreciate it if our pastor kept all his "aha" moments to hiself. Do you call on God only when you need Him - when you think you only need Him? Do you live one way on Sunday, and ignore His Lordship on Monday? If so, He doesn't want that for you. He wants the best for you.

His best.


Denise said...

look at you, 2 blogs in 1 week. This is a great blog and one I really needed to hear...thanks!

Andrea said...

I loved what Bro. Van said about God not being an insurance salesman..only there when you have a fire. How many times do we treat Him like that. I know I'm guilty.

Keep sharing your aha moments!


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