Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bad, Bad Baby

What constitutes a good baby? Is it a baby that sleeps all the time? One that rarely cries? One that knows not to mess up that diaper you just slapped on 30 seconds ago?  What do people mean when they say "good" baby? I get asked that question all the time about Edee since her birth four weeks ago.

"Is she a good baby for ya?" people ask. Sometimes I feel like throwing a curveball out there just to see if they are really paying attention to their own question:

"Well, the other day she actually cried out for my attention. And T-H-E-N she had the nerve to mess up her newly washed bib. I mean, I don't know how to get through to this kid. I guess she's a bad, bad baby."

There is no such thing as a "bad" baby. There are babies who cry more than others. Some who cry louder than others. There are babies who fuss more, spit up more and have a little trouble soothing themselves to sleep more so than others. There are babies that prefer to be held - at ALL times. There are babies that don't like strollers, or car seats or cribs even. They are all so different, but not one of them is bad.

They are all good babies.

Those asking if Edee is a good baby know that she is good - just as all babies are. They are asking to be kind and show interest in my family (so if you were one of those people who asked, I'm just having a little fun picking on you :/ ). This is just one of those questions people ask. Another popular one is, "Does she sleep good?" The answer to that is always, "Yes, but I don't."

Edee truly has been a blessing to our family. In some ways, taking care of her while she is an infant reminds me of when we took care of Mary Ellen as a newborn, especially that sleepless part. (Circles under the eyes are just that - circles under the eyes. All babies cause this and those dark spots all look the same). There are differences, however. Edee is already proven to be her own person with her own set of characteristics and temperamant. She is great at soothing herself to sleep after a little bout of fussing, whereas Mary Ellen wanted to be rocked, and rocked....and rocked. Edee is also a very s -l-o-w eater, much different from Mary Ellen who could chug down a bottle faster than an over-excited frat boy on a Friday night. Edee also LOVES to be held, and with her head up over your choulder so she can see what's going on. She can't stand the swing or the bouncy vibrating chair thingy for too long. Laying her down on a blanket to play is out of the question and about those activity mats - forget it. She rather you pick her up and fling her over your shoulder. This is not so great when you have a two-year-old also wanting to be flung over your shoulder. Yea. Fun times.

In all, Brannon and I are loving our new baby. And for those who just have to know - yes, she is a very, very good baby!


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Denise said...

Those bad babies....what are we going to do with them. So glad you are blogging again!! I love all the new pictures and hearing about Edee! I know what you mean about having 2 to hold...that is still tricky for me! Beautiful girls!


I wonder what they are deep in thought about!

Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby
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